Profile extrusion

Xtrutec offers complete profile production systems and individual machines for different profile extrusion applications. We supply conical and parallel twin-screw extruders for profiles made of PVC, we also supply single-screw extruders for profiles made of ABS, PS, PA, PC or PMMA, polyolefins and PVC pellet grains.
Xtrutec profile extrusion lines suits for manufacturing different types of window profiles and technical profiles such as profile strips, tile edge strips, lamp covers, foam profiles, cable conduits, rainwater gutters, WPC-profiles, etc. Our manufacturing abilities allow us to produce profile lines with width of profiles up to 1000 mm and output capacity around 800 kg/h. We supply optimal downstream equipment configuration with big variety of calibrating tables, belt or caterpillar haul-off units, cutting units, tilting and sliding tables.

Our advantages
  • Complete production line concept from one source
  • Ideal price/performance ratio
  • Centrally-operating control system by B&R (Austria) or Siemens (Germany)
  • Compact design and easy handling of the whole line
  • High screw torque