PO (PE-HD , PP, etc.) pipe systems

Xtrutec offers wide range of technologies covering the main market needs in polymer pipe production. Our extrusion technologies are used increasingly to meet the different requirements of extruded products. Xtrutec extrusion lines offer decisive advantages in terms of cost-efficiency. For every application, we offer systems tailored to the customer's wishes from a single source. We can produce machinery with pipe range from 5 mm to 1600 mm.

  • pressure pipes
  • discharge pipes
  • drainage pipes
  • irrigation systems
  • water transportation and distribution pipes
  • gas distribution systems
  • protection lines for electric cables
  • industrial pipelines
  • underfloor heating pipes and traditional heating pipes
  • geothermic plants
Extrusion line types
  • PE (PP, ABS, etc.) extrusion lines up to 1600 mm
  • PPR extrusion lines up to 250 mm
  • PPH waste pipe extrusion lines up to 250 mm
  • PERT pipe extrusion lines up to 110 mm