Ultrasonic wall-thickness control device

XtruWall is perfect ultrasonic device for quality control of polymer pipes and tubes during the extrusion process. The system controls and measures the conformity of product parameters of wall thickness (single layer or total layers), wall thickness distribution, ID and OD, eccentricity and roundness. The quality risks can be completely eliminated during pipe extrusion process.

  • Gas and water supply pressure pipes with pipe range up to 1600 mm
  • PEX and PERT pipes
  • Sewage/drainage pipes
  • Irrigation tubes
  • Cable protection pipes
  • Tubes for automotive, cosmetics, medicine
  • Multi-layer tubes and pipes
Our advantages
  • Reduction or complete elimination of the quality risks during pipe extrusion
  • Reducing the rejection ratio, shorten the start-up time
  • Complete production data recording and automatic generation of pipe quality statistics
  • Individual computer monitor with pipe quality information, computer control system of wall thickness measurement device can be integrated in pipe extrusion control system
  • Automatic control of the line speed or extruder rpm under consideration of the minimum values