Insulating covers

Xtrutec insulating covers is a low-cost solution to reduce energy costs. Our jackets lower surface temperature, provide less heat release, shorten start-up time between jobs by directing heat back into your injection barrels. At the same time, it reduces the ambient temperature at production facility, so you pay less for equipment operation and air conditioning. By using our insulating covers, you can save around 20-40% of electric energy of heating coils. We can say without exaggeration that this is 100% revolutionary solution, and every injection molding production must install it! Thousands of Engels, Demags, Arburgs, Haitians and many other injection-molding machines are equipped with our insulating covers.
We have two options for insulating materials: glass-fibre with service life over 5 years and aerogel composition with service life over 8 years.

Main advantages
  • Electric energy saving 20-45%
  • Easy removing and reassembling due to section installation (ideally suits for custom molders, who need to change processes frequently during the day)
  • Environment friendly materials, asbestos-free
  • Improve the high precision of injection quality
  • Prevents burns to personnel by drastically reducing the temperature of exposed surfaces
  • Reducing the temperature of injection workshops, especially crucial in the warm summer months
  • Simple paybacks on the investment in insulating materials are less than one year
  • Extended heater element life
  • Standard size and individually tailored offerings
  • Eyelet holes for wires and junction box openings are available during individual designing
  • Suits to insulate injection-molding machines, blow molding machines, extruders, dies, etc.