Gravimetric continuous blender

XtruGrav-CB gravimetric continuous blender is a dynamic material-charging system that adopts the weight-loss principle. Two to four components are mixed (granules/powder) with utmost precision. On the premise of keeping the precision of components, the system can automatically adjust the material dosing speed of every component according to the actual extruding output of the extruder, which helps to provide a larger material application scope. At the same time, the meter weight metering control function can be chosen to keep constant product weight of per meter.

Our advantages
  • Due to unique design, besides metering mixture of solid materials, the blender is also can be applied for metering mixture between liquid materials and solid materials
  • The materials needed by the system are automatically filled
  • The formula can be changed in real time
  • Two mixing modes guarantee more precise mixing
  • System dosing precision: ±0.5%
  • Blending precision error: <0.1%
  • Low maintenance cost