Die heads, tools and calibrators

Die heads
PO and PVC die heads enable very high efficiency and excellent performance in pipe extrusion.
For PO die heads we have options of using spiral or basket type die heads with production output up to 1500 kg/h and pipe diameter up to 1600 mm. Die heads could be specially designed for next raw materials:  HDPE/MDPE, PERT, PP/PP-R, PB, PS/ABS and HMW-PE.
For PVC pipe production Xtrutec offers its customers a choice of different PVC pipe dies that can also be adapted to individual customers’ requests as needed.
Xtrutec also offers the corresponding multi-layer pipe heads and the complete system concept for the production of multi-layered pipes.

Our advantages
  • Small pipe stress due to the low melting pressure and temperature
  • Long service life through the use of high-grade materials
  • For PO pipes for 110-1600 mm range we use internal pipe cooling system for shortening the cooling system and reducing costs
  • Good wall thickness distribution through optimized flow channels
  • High flow rate capacities
  • Low shearing forces acting on the material
We produce calibration sleeves from stainless steel or special brass alloy according to customer’s specific request. In order to provide maximum efficiency and best quality we design calibrators with precise calculations in conformity with raw material to be used. For pipes with 10-32 mm range we recommend to use disk-type calibrating sleeves in order to guarantee high extrusion speed, it can reduce the contact area of the pipe and the calibrator, thereby reducing the friction and resistance to prevent the material bonding at the entrance.
We can produce different type calibrators for pipes up to 1600 mm.