Gravimetric batch blender

XtruGrav-BB gravimetric batch blender perfectly suits for online and offline metering blending and automatic mixing of materials at different states such as granules, powder and liquid. Based on the weighing metering principle, the charging quantity of materials controlled by the settled proportioning of each component. The proportioning precision of all components controlled and detected by the program, the material-charging precision guaranteed by the self-adapting algorithm.

Main features
  • Online automatic blending up to 8 components, which reduces human error and labor cost
  • Self-adapting proportioning control: automatically correct the material charging error (precision error is less than 0.1%)
  • Can be used in places with strong electrostatic adhesion of materials
  • The blender is directly installed on the feed window of the extruder and material directly enters the extruder, so that the demixing phenomenon of materials after being mixed in the secondary conveying process is avoided